Ever pass a large glass building or a tower and just be stunned and amazed by its beauty. The picturesque reflection of the sky and the sun beaming on its surface, or the wounderous movement of the clouds captured on its surface is sure to be an eye catcher. This contemporary form of architecture, is called Curtain walls, offering transparency to the world outside, creating a better environment with no barriers between people and the natural world.
With BLK’s profound performance and Brökelmann’s innovative technology and the perfect tune of its systems, that harmonically combines aesthetics, homogeneity and functionality they offer you Curtain wall W50.
W50 offers you a wide range depth, depending on the static requirements, W50 offers tried and tested solutions, which have proven themselves time and again in projects all over the world. Light, transparency and reflection are the key features of modern architecture. The special characteristic of the system is the resulting thermal insulation through reinforced insulated profile from fiberglass, which is adjusted to the interior part of the construction.
Technical Data
W50 CLW50 SG
Interior visible width50 mm50 mm
Exterior visible width50 mmSealent Joint 20 mm
Depth mullions80 - 200 mm80 - 200 mm
Depth transoms10.9 - 158,5 mm10.9 - 158,5 mm
Inertia mullions (lx: wind load)62,76 - 790.30 cm462,76 - 790.30 cm4
Inertia transoms (lx: wind load) 0,61 - 334,15 cm40,61 - 334,15 cm4
Inertia transoms (ly: glass load)4.46 - 42.38 cm44.46 - 42.38 cm4
Exterior face capscover profiles from 12 to 30 mm fixed by pressure platesstructural sealed glazing
Glazingfixed by pressure platesstructural glazing glued on cassettes
Glass thickness24 - 38 mm24 - 38 mm
Opening types (see: description)*Top Hung -Hidden Sash Turn & TiltTop Hung -Hidden Sash Turn & Tilt
Roof application (Sky Light)YesNo

W50 CL

W50 SG