Regal 337
With minimal and stylish design BLK Regal 337 is a strong and durable system which matches perfectly with any interior architectural concept. Innovative and versatile architectural characteristics and high performance standards meet even the most demanding end-user’s needs.
BLK Regal 337 is ideal for complex residential or business constructions with wide spans. The system comes with a width frame up to 146 mm and up to three rolling rails. BLK Regal 337 is designed to slide on an additional inox or anodized aluminum driver. This way, aesthetic pleasure as well as quiet and smooth sliding is ensured. Finally, the system accepts multi point security locks. It has a great selection of colors such as Ral, Elox, Sable, Metallic, or Wood imitation.
BLK regal 337 is easy to handle, provides safety and durability and the final product is user friendly and practically needs no maintenance.
  • Wide variety of profiles and accessories.
  • Reinforced sashes for extra-wide spans.
  • Additional inox or anodised aluminum drivers.
  • Option for buttoned or screwed wall finishing profiles.
  • Extra fast and easy manufacture with the use of crimping machine.
  • Easy roller replacement.
Technical Data

Profile thickness

1.3 mm.

Glass thickness

4 - 20 mm

Rail depth

15.5 mm

Sash depth

37 mm

Sash width

85.4 mm
Windows/Door maximal sash sizes

sash sizes (W X H)

1600 X 2400 mm

Max. sash weight

140 kg