Classic 445
With minimal and stylish design BLK Regal 445 thermo is a strong and durable system which matches perfectly with any interior architectural concept. Sliding, thermo system with a straight line design, based on the modern architectural demands, is easy to fabricate.
  • Anodized or stainless steel rail offers silent sliding
  • Multiple locking mechanism
  • Wide variety of profiles satisfying all applications
  • Option for lift and slide mechanism that makes it an ideal solution for constructions that have high insulation demands.
  • High performance in air tightness, water resistance and thermal insulation
  • High thermal and sound insulation.
  • Additional inox or anodized aluminum drivers.
  • Option for buttoned or screwed wall finishing profiles.
  • Easy roller replacement.
Technical Data

Profile thickness

1.3 mm.

Glass thickness

16 - 32 mm

Rail depth

88.5 / 100.5 / 135.2 mm

Sash depth

45 mm

Sash width

91 mm
Windows/Door maximal sash sizes

sash sizes (W X H)

1600 X 2400 mm

Max. sash weight

140 kg

Thermal Insulation (EN 10077-2)

Uf-value between 2.7 W/m2K and 2.9 W/m2K