Services Overview

With BLK be assured that you will find a helping hand and a guidance as soon as you start working with us. We are keen on passing down the experience and the know how to our working partners. By being involved from the very first stages of a project, we aim to please our partners and focus our product innovations to meet their needs.
Our Services
Handing down the experience
We provide the essential training for fabricators by the most experienced engineers to your employees. Our training schedule is fixated to suit your employee’s time plan. We make sure to provide a wide range of information to our partners so that it may be of fundamental aid to their manufacturing process.
Studying of the projects
We invest much of our time and care before finalizing any deals with our partners, in order to provide them with the utmost service. We start by meeting up with the consultant team to understand the concept of the project, its main features, budget and technical issues.
Putting ideas on to paper
• Preparing of workshop drawings and specifications
• Planning with the consultants to establish appropriate time schedule for the project.
• Preparing visual mock ups, and executing performance tests to obtain approvals.
• Compare technical documents with tender documents and international code requirements .
Fabrication and Site Installation Inspection Stage
• We inspect project construction sites to ensure the proper installation and quality.
• Perform factory inspections weekly.
• Attend site meetings when neseccary inorder to resolve any technical issues.
After Sales services
We work for the benefit of our partners, therefore we provide such sale services as a maintenance lease and a quality guarantee.

LogiKal Calculation And Construction
BLK is always sure to be the best in performance and seeks perfectionism in the execution of its projects. Due to this BLK is partners with leading software providers for computer based calculation, planning and construction.
Why BLK ?
Thermal & Sound Insulation
With Aluminum you can create a sound proof environment. Live a more relaxing and calm life. You won’t have to worry about the heat outside or the cold, you have the best shield against that too.
Durability and Ease of Maintenance
Unlike other forms of windows and doors with aluminum, you can depend on its durability through time and harsh conditions. It will not be effected by changing weather conditions for eg: warp, crack, or expand like wood.
Flexibility of design
Aluminum offers you the chance to choose and perform which ever design you imagine possible. With a huge variety of styles and customized solutions to go with your needs.
High aesthetics
Glamorous, elegant, and practical. Modern or classic décor, with a wide range of colors and designs, Aluminum will grant you the best finishing to your décor.
When it comes to paying money, who doesn’t want the best deal? With Aluminum being exceptionally durable, decorative and of very high standards, be sure it is something worth investing your money in.
With the modern world and its fast growing rate of inventions we must be sure to care for the environment when it comes to executing our ideas. Aluminum righteously serves this purpose as it is the best environment sustainable material. Aluminum can be endlessly recycled while keeping its distinctive properties, and that’s why it’s used to construct eco-friendly buildings. It is versatile too. Literally the aluminum which was produced for the first time, is still somewhere in use. It can be recycled infinitely.